Welcome to IRGL Creative.

We are an all-encompassing, creative agency that works closely with your business to develop and provide you with high-quality content and a strong digital marketing strategy to elevate your online presence and ultimately, brand awareness. Our vision is to bring together creative direction and strategic thinking in a way that illuminates the essence of your brand and brings a fresh perspective whilst using research-based strategies to ensure that your content and digital presence is helping you move towards your goals.

As a brand in today's world, having high quality content is absolutely essential in order to connect with your target audience. We are here for every stage of your digital journey. We use imagery and cinematography to create bespoke media made just for you and your business. Part of this process involves designing, planning, capturing, editing and producing images and videos to create high quality content that reflects your brand.

The next stage allows us to take this further, and use the curated content to showcase your brand to your desired target audience. This can involve our social strategy services where we help you navigate the world of social media to build a connection with your audience and gain more exposure, or our digital design services which enable us to use the content to design custom materials needed to take your business to the next level, such as marketing materials or your website.

About Us

Loren Yanni

Co-Founder | IRGL Creative

Loren is our Creative Director and photography and design expert. She takes the lead in creating and planning each client's vision based on their brand goals, and takes this through to the project's execution and client delivery. Her skill and creative vision complements her attention to detail, picked up as a result of her ten year career in the UK Finance sector, before leaving to pursue IRGL Creative full-time.

Michael Yanni

co-founder | IRGL Creative

Michael is our Strategic Director, specialising in brand strategy, analytics and everything cinematography and film. His creative journey began with his love of traveling and photographing the world. He combines fifteen years of finance, advisory and strategic experience in challenging industries with creative thinking which allows him to offer unique solutions and deliver outstanding creative projects.

Our Journey

This agency was born as a result of researching and navigating the world of social media for numerous years via our Instagram travel page, @lorenandmichael. Through extensive studying and honing our craft, we learned what works and what doesn't, so that you don't have to.

Our journey began with us traveling the world with our laptops and cameras, sharing tips on travel and photography with our audience, and working with brands around the world. We found a way to combine our sharpened, creative skills with our extensive knowledge of business, strategy and finance, and formed IRGL Creative to share this unique, hybrid solution with our clients with the goal of helping them to elevate their brands.

So, the rest is history. That's the story of IRGL Creative and we're so excited to see what magic we can make together. We'd love to show you the exciting, work that we've done for our clients and in the meantime, you can visit our Portfolio and Journal pages to see some examples. We would love to hear from you, please get in touch with us via the Contact page or via email at hello@irglcreative.com.